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Veronica & Sebastian

Without any doubt the best photographer to pick for your wedding (be fast, he's super busy!). Artur escorted us throughout the entire day, his evenly professional and easy-going nature made us having fun and feel comfortable at all times. The results speak for themselves, just have a look into his portfolio and convince yourself. It's safe to say that he surely didn't win all these awards for no reason. Thanks again from both of us for the great work, Artur!

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Lyuba & David

Artur est un photographe de talent. Nous parlons tous souvent de la qualité des photos lorsque nous abordons le sujet du choix d'un photographe. Sur ce point, c'est indéniable. Artur est à l'affût du moindre détail pour rendre ses photos vivantes et riches en émotions. Et le resultat est juste probant, époustouflant.

Si on regarde ensuite l'accompagnement avant, pendant et après l'exécution de son travail. C'est un sujet, soyons honnête que peu de gens abordent, mais qui compte énormément. Et sur ce point, la aussi Artur à toutes les bases pour rendre ce moment agréable pour ses clients. Il ne rechigne pas à la tâche, et sans arrêt sait donner des conseils pour rendre la photo exceptionnelle. Enfin, il est tres actif. Je ne sais pas combien de shoot, il a fait pour notre mariage, mais c'est juste enorme. Je me souviens de l'avoir vu complétement épuisé après une journée complétement folle, mais une fois les photos distribuées, il n'y a qu'une chose à dire. Artur, tu es un photographe exceptionnel. Chapeau bas Monsieur!

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Krista & Janis

We learned about Artur Lacis on the website! When we met in person and saw the pictures he took, I had no doubt that we had chosen the right wedding photographer for our day. His professionalism was visible in everything. Communication - easy, smooth, without hitches! It is pleasant to work with a person who truly loves his work and approaches everything with great enthusiasm! On the wedding day, he was everywhere, but we often didn't even notice him during that time. The pictures were stunning! It is unimaginable how you can catch all those emotions, smiles, looks and manage to be everywhere. We are really delighted with the result, with the fact that you allowed us to go through our beautiful day, so special to us, once again through the pictures. Thank you for your hard work!!

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Alina & Dmitry

My wife was looking for the right photographer for a long time, since it was impossible to celebrate a full-fledged wedding in a pandemic, and one of almost the only joy about a memorable day should have been photos.

It was easy to take pictures with Artur, it turned out even fun and not stressful as I expected at first.

Well, the result was impressive, even now the photos are on the cover of a magazine about weddings. I was also pleased with Artur's resourcefulness, one of the best photos turned out by accident, it started to rain and we stood under an umbrella, Artur found the right angle and the photo turned out to be a masterpiece.

I advise everyone!

I was very lucky - I was looking for a photographer to paint on the Internet and came across Artur. His work immediately captivated me - if you look closely at the photographs, you can read a special story about each couple. I immediately realized that I wanted just such photos for my significant day! My husband and I agreed and did not fail - it was an amazing, easy and at the same time such a memorable shooting! Each photographer has his own approach to working with clients, but for some reason I am sure that Artur can unravel the mood of each couple, just THANK YOU!

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Santa & Guntis

The best photographer in Latvia! In the future, definitely more than just Latvia!
He has this vision - emotions/ beauty/ esthetic! <3 plus he has an open mind to all sort of ideas and lots of his ideas. Thank you for capturing our amazing day in such beautiful photos! Highly recommended!

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Ieva & Adam

Arturs is a great professional, responsive and full of ideas. Our wedding guests appreciated an attractive photographer who did not stop for a moment and continued to capture beautiful moments. Artur was invisible, but at the same time managed to take all the shots from the wedding. We worked together very easily, he took into account our wishes and helped us with ideas. Thank you so much for making our wedding special!☺

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Yaroslavna & Oscar

If you need to describe Artur (or rather, his work) in one word, it would be: P-PROFESSIONAL.

Not without reason, I repeat, NOT without reason, he is the best wedding photographer in Latvia, for the second year in a row.

Do you know what's the point? In simplicity! The ease of working with it. Live pictures are provided for you, and if you want to pose, then do not hesitate - he will tell you how best to do it, no matter how oak you are (I speak from personal experience)

Artur, THANK YOU for your work and efforts. Thank you for your advice and your professionalism. Thank you for being like a feather, airy and invisible. This I mean that the word "discomfort" and "gaze of the camera" and out of the question. Thank you for taking into account all the wishes, and capturing those moments that were important! Thank you for capturing every detail and nuance. Thanks for the double dose. photos, and most importantly - for SUPER FAST PROCESSING and providing them to the client.

Do we recommend you? Absolutely YES and only YES! You are a great fellow, talented and smart. Good luck to you further in the future! 

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Anna & Marcis

Sincere thanks! The pictures are really powerful and we will keep them as the most precious memories from our wonderful day! We will certainly share with others our enthusiasm for your photo works of art and the colossal attitude, passion and zeal with which you did your work. The result is really fantastic! Thanks again! May your next photo projects be filled with positive emotions. And definitely - to cooperation in the future as well!

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Liene & Valdis

I have been following Artur's work for some time before the wedding and knew that we also wanted such pictures. Namely, pictures that reflect emotions in all their glory. And Artur has also succeeded in photographing our wedding very well. Very well understood our wishes! I definitely recommend Artur as a photographer!

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Zane & Didzis

I don't even know how to express my great excitement about the pictures.

You have captured our feelings and emotions of that day 100% in pictures.

We wanted it to be WOW, and there is even WOW ...WOW ...WOW.

I want to review them again and again and every time I get a fantastic thrill like that day.

We were very, very lucky to have approached and met you!

Thank you very much for your work!!!

You are fantastic.

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Arina & Alexander

We were looking for a wedding photographer for a very long time, but it was Artur's photos that seemed the most stylish and full of life! Artur was super easy to work with! We got great pleasure from shooting and a lot of positive emotions. At the same time, there was nothing superfluous, Artur is a true professional!

We are delighted with all the photos, they all convey exactly that second and capture that emotion, moment and experience!

All our wishes were taken into account and all the moments were caught! Very soulful and great.

We recommend wholeheartedly! Invite Artur to your solemn events, and you definitely won't

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